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Worker installing a thermal mass layer

We Are Your Source for Heated Floors

Install high-quality radiant flooring with a thermal mass layer to heat your home or business efficiently.

installing a thermal mass layer over radiant flooring

Make Your Property Warm with Floor Heating Solutions in King City

Do you want to heat your home's floors to make the environment comfortable? If so, get Northwest Systems' floor heating systems installed in King City. We provide and install thermal mass layers over radiant flooring in residential and commercial properties. This method of heating is better at distributing heat throughout the building. We also have excellent underlayments and high-quality, long-lasting floor levelling systems available at our facility. Our top-quality products are quick and simple to install and save you time and money as compared to our competitors. To find out more, call us today.

Company truck

Why Choose Us?

Northwest Systems is a hands-on, third-generation firm with a lot of experience in floor heating installations. We offer quality service and materials in addition to a commitment to excellence. Being proactive in addressing problems before they become critical is a crucial part of our method. Our customers are always satisfied with us because all our jobs are completed on time.

Radiant Floor Heating icon

Radiant Floor Heating

Heat your home evenly by installing radiant flooring with a thermal mass layer.

Portland Underlayments icon

Portland Underlayments

This type of underlayment is fire-resistant, lightweight and can be installed in a single day.

Floor Levelling icon

Floor Levelling

Demolition and re-pouring can be costly and time-consuming. Save time and money with our floor levelling services.

Gypsum Underlayments icon

Gypsum Underlayments

This underlayment is suitable for residential and commercial spaces and is lightweight and easy to install.

Cementitious Underlayments icon

Cementitious Underlayments

Cement-based underlayment gives a smooth finish to your floor before you install coverings such as carpets or tiles.

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